Plastic hunt

World cleanup challenge


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Plastic Hunt 2021


A worldwide clean-up competition to find the most impressive trash



An awareness quiz about the oceans and plastic pollution




With many awards supporting ocean conservation




And a special jury composed of young environmentalists




1. Register your team (one e-mail required).

2. Organize your clean-up any day of August 2021.

3. Take a picture of your team and a picture of the most impressive trash you found.

The trash is considered IMPRESSIVE for many reasons:

  • Huge quantity (you can also show a picture before and after the clean-up)
  • Unusual
  • Shows the direct impact (like a ghost net)
  • Funny
  • Any other kind of “impressive”: use your creativity!

4. Upload your pictures on our online platform (open from August 1 to August 31), and complete the awareness quiz to validate your participation.

We also ask you to take an inventory of the trash found. That is not part of the challenge but a valuable collection of data for Citizen Science.

5. Check the website: results will be available before the end of September 2021



  • Respect the social distancing rules of your country.
  • An internet connection is required.
  • Dispose of waste properly at the end of the clean-up.



Winners will receive certificates of adoption of marine animals. We are supporting different NGOs around the world:

  1. Coral Guardian plants corals in Indonesia;
  2. Tethys Research Institute works on the conservation of sperm whales in the Mediterranean Sea;
  3. Loggerhead Marine Life Center rehabilitate injured or sick turtles in Florida;
  4. Delfini del Ponente monitors a population of bottlenose dolphins in Italy.

The number of winners and rewards depends on the funds we collect. If you want to help us and the NGOs we are donating to, please donate to our crowdfunding campaign.




Sponsors of the project

If you want to help, please leave a donation here. We will be glad to add your logo in this section if you would love to.