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August 12th


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What is Plastic Hunt?

Plastic Hunt is a great awareness-raising event about the ocean plastic problem. One of their aims is to help NGOs working in ocean conservation via collecting useful data through citizen science.
This project was born from the idea of a group of young Europeans who have already organized several beach clean-ups. Due to the Coronavirus situation, that imposes social distancing and prohibits large gatherings of people, it will probably not be possible to organize big beach clean ups as in the past, with even 100 people on the same beach. Despite this, cleaning beaches is not forbidden, and it can be done in small groups of relatives or friends all around the world.
So, this new event recalls the previous edition of Caccia alla Plastica on the island of Caprera, but with the innovation of an online support platform that allows the ability to manage every challenge remotely. People from all over the world, divided into teams, will challenge each other by completing various challenges in 24 hours. Everything revolves around cleaning a beach, a cliff, the seabed or even a park. So, you have to get your hands dirty, but also be creative to be able to win a challenge! A jury formed by many supporters of the project will decide the winners of each challenge.
Plastic Hunt is a link between people, families and organisations from all over the world who want to save the oceans. Through the challenge format, it will be possible to interact and make the clean-up really enjoyable, as in a sport championship. It is also suitable for children, who always like the idea of a challenge.


What are the rules?

  • Respect the social distancing: only small groups in each place (maximum 10 people per team) respecting the rules of the country in which you are located.
  • An internet connection is required.
  • Using the internet to answer questions or translate is allowed (all challenges will be presented in English), but do not use photos or texts from the web.
  • Dispose of waste properly at the end of the clean-up.


What are the challenges?

You can organize your clean up any day before August 12th or on August 12th BUT you have to submit photos (to complete challenges) and you have to complete the quiz on August 12th only, by opening the upload page. We’ve created six challenges and for each one you have to submit some photos. You can complete the quiz more than once but only the last submission will count! If something is unclear you can contact us. Here are the challenges:

  • BEST TEAM: the team with the funniest name, the best slogan and the nicest team photo wins.
  • BEFORE AND AFTER: you’ll have to submit some photos of the before & after from your chosen location. The best wins.
  • CRAZY TRASH: the craziest object will take you to the victory.
  • “IS THAT HEAVEN?”: attach photos of the location. The best wins.
  • “HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?”: a quiz about oceans and innovative measures/ideas to save them.
  • ART WITH TRASH: create a sculpture with all the garbage you’ve found. The best wins.

We also ask that you take inventory of the trash found through a list we’ll be giving. This isn’t a part of the challenge but a collection of data for Citizen Science to use for basic data analysis. You’ll find a list of all objects we ask you to take inventory of in the “start” page.


What are the rewards?


Rewards will be given to the top 6 teams of the individual challenges, and to the top 3 teams who place the highest in all challenges. Winners will receive certificates of adoption of a coral, a turtle and a seal or a whale from anywhere around the world. Indeed, we are collecting donations to cover the costs of these certificates, and we’ll be able to support many different NGOs that are working in marine biodiversity protection. 



Sponsors of the project

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