Social Distancing Beach CleanUp

What are the challenges?

You can organize your clean up any day before August 12th or on August 12th BUT you have to submit photos (to complete challenges) and you have to complete the quiz on August 12th only, by opening the upload page. We’ve created six challenges and for each one you have to submit some photos. You can complete the quiz more than once but only the last submission will count! If something is unclear you can contact us. Here are the challenges:

  • BEST TEAM: the team with the funniest name, the best slogan and the nicest team photo wins.
  • BEFORE AND AFTER: you’ll have to submit some photos of the before & after from your chosen location. The best wins.
  • CRAZY TRASH: the craziest object will take you to the victory.
  • “IS THAT HEAVEN?”: attach photos of the location. The best wins.
  • “HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?”: a quiz about oceans and innovative measures/ideas to save them.
  • ART WITH TRASH: create a sculpture with all the garbage you’ve found. The best wins.

We also ask that you take inventory of the trash found through a list we’ll be giving. This isn’t a part of the challenge but a collection of data for Citizen Science to use for basic data analysis. You’ll find a list of all objects we ask you to take inventory of in the “start” page.

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